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Pretty woman is a conflicted tale about prostitution and dreams Essay Example for Free

Pretty woman is a conflicted tale about prostitution and dreams Essay Pretty woman is a conflicted tale about prostitution and dreams: how we prostitute ourselves to achieve our dreams; and how those dreams are defiled and compromised by our prostitution. Discuss. To prostitute oneself means that you sell yourself for a reward either money or something else. In the film there is a lot of prostituting occurring mainly for the characters in the film to achieve their dreams. Pretty woman is a modern day representation of the fairy tale Cinderella. Because the film has a fairy tale narrative then it means that the film has a lot to do with dreams and the make believe. All the characters in the film have a role and are all trying to achieve their own personal dreams. The two main characters in the film are both looking to find their dreams, which are two different things. Vivian is a character of great dignity and self respect this breaks the stereotype of a prostitute and is shown in many ways in the film.Vivian Wants the typical fairy tale that is swept of her feet by a brave dark stranger and to live happily ever after. But she also has a realistic dream where by she is able to live a higher standard of life instead of living in a apartment which she doesnt like and which she cant afford the rent for. Whereas Vivians dream is to make is dad jealous by becoming a successful business man and very wealthy. In both dreams the characters have to sacrifice different things to try and achieve their own dreams. Vivian has to sell her body as a prostitute to be able to afford the money to achieve her dream. Whereas Edward has had to sacrifice his soul and conscience to be able to get his dream, this means that he is able to develop lasting relationships. Through out the film we see what the characters within the film have had to do to achieve their dreams The first scene in the film is a business gathering where the main topics of conversation are either money or girls; these are the main ingredients of prostitution. The first line of the film is its all about money this sets up the fell of the film where he is saying that everything in life revolves around money and the lengths that people will go to get money to achieve their dreams. The first scene shows Edward on the phone sorting out business and is not interested in the party that is going on around him, this shows that he is giving up his social life and not spending time enjoying his wealth/dream as he is trying to arrange business. Then there is a contrast in lifestyles. The opening line of the next scene is Everyone comes to Hollywood for a dream this could be represented as Vivians Philosophy of life because straight after that scene the camera cuts to her. This also shows that everyone in Hollywood has a dream and different people are willing to go different lengths to achieve this dream. Vivian is shown as being in the lower social class and wants to get out of her current lifestyle which is her dream. When Edward pulls up in his very expensive car and asks Vivian for directions her first response is to ask for money again onto the fact that everything is for money. When the two are in the car Vivian is talking about money when and Edward comes out with the line I never joke about money this is very significant as it shows that he takes money very serious in hi life and see it as something that he cant joke about. In the film there is a contrast in lifestyles and also how close the two main characters are in their pursuit of their dreams. Edward is upper class and is living his dream (but he is not enjoying it). Whereas Vivian was nowhere near achieving her dream but is very happy with her personality and who she is, and throughout the film she may change her view on things but her personality remains the same throughout the film. So as she is living and achieving her dream she does not change yet I would think that Edwardss personality would have changed as he got closer to his dream. When Vivian enters the hotel she doesnt try to be posh but tries to play the stereotypical role of a prostitute when people look at her. But when she gets into the room she is amazed by the luxury and sees it as a dream compared to what type of living standards which she is used to. When the waiter brings the champagne and strawberries he waits for a tip which again shows that everything revolves around money in all cases, the waiter is a prostitute in a way because he delivers a surface of the exchange of money. Later in that night when Vivian is watching the tv and eating the strawberries Edward is at his desk doing work, and does not drink any alcohol this again shows how he has given up socialising and having a good time in pursuit of his dream. Every time Vivian walks through the hotel lobby she is looked down upon by the people in the lobby this causes her to put he dreams on hold as she realises that she doesnt fit in, in this lifestyle. When Vivian goes out shopping for expensive clothes the scene is step up as if it was actually a fairy tale, with the way in which it is day time sunny and the colours used are bright happy colours which you would associate with fairy tales, this could represent that Vivian is busy living her dream. But when she tries to buy some clothes and the staff of the shop asks her to leave she realises again that because of her past and background that she doesnt fit in that style of life. When she goes back to the hotel the hotel manger takes her aside and talks to her about her stay in the hotel and how she should dress appropriately etc. but when she explains what happened then instead of the manager just dismissing her he tries to help and sends her to a friend of his. The hotel manager is has also got a dream of his own, which he is living. His dream is to be hotel manager of the hotel. You can tell that he is very proud of his job because when he is talking the Edward he keeps stating that he is the hotel manager. Although he has reached his dream it is unclear what he has had to give up to achieve it because he is a kind man who gets on well with people. So this shows that not everyone has to give up something to achieve their dream and that people have different types of dreams depending on their personalities and ambitions. It may be said that the larger your dreams the more you have to prostitute to achieve them. At the polo match when Vivian is dressed like all the other woman in posh clothes (which she is starting to get used to) Edwards lawyer comes up to her and tells her that he knows she is a prostitute. This brings Vivian back down to reality and shatters the dream at which she is in as she is made to feel cheap and small and is not prepared for it. Later on Vivian is again made to feel like a prostitute but it is Edward how does it, when Vivian asks for her money he puts its on the bed instead of giving it to her (treats her with no respect). Vivian shows dignity and self respect because she does not take the money (although she really needs it) and would rather keep her dignity then have the money, this is different from Edwardss views and believes. When the two make up she says the line If people put you down, you start to believe it with shows that her dream is has been put down and that she has realised she had been living as false dream for a few days which has dramatically ended, by her choice. This shows that Vivian was not willing to compromise her dignity for her dreams. This is shown in the next seen also, when Edward takes Vivian out she is wearing a red dress. The colour red represents dignity respect and power these are the things which are shown in Vivians character. Although when at the opera she never looses sight of whom she is. As the relationship between the two gets more intimate then Edward begins to become more and more laid back and starts to enjoy his wealth and money more. This is shown throughout the film but the main change comes when Edward takes a day off work to spend it with Vivian, this is a complete contrast to the first scene where he was missing a party because of business. Vivian also brings out the best in his personality. You can tell this because in the first meeting with the shipping contractor where Edward is abrupt and Cleary states that he wants get dismantle the contractors business up and sell it off. But after a prolonged period of time with Vivian and at the next meeting of the two Edward changes his mind and offers go into business with the contractor instead. This is because Vivian is bringing out the best in him and also as a child he says he loved to build things and that all he had to show for his career was money instead of products. So before he wanted to get revenge at his farther he loved to build but as he got angrier with his farther he wanted to destroy things, but now that he wants to go into construction again shows that he is getting over his farther and moving on with his life and starting to get back to his original dream which was construction. The necklace that Edward loans out for Vivian is very symbolic. It is representing that he is selling himself to her through the expensive necklace. Also when he asks the hotel manager to take the necklace back for him he says it must be very difficult to let go of something so beautiful so again Vivian is represented through the necklace. Also in the opera scene the line me not work is said this shows that Edward is concentrating more on Vivian and enjoying himself rather then work and money which he did originally. The resolution of the story is the rescue of the princess by her prince charming. This is successfully completed by Edward arriving on a white horse (represented as a white limousine) and climbing up the castle wall that she has been trying to escape (the fire escape of her old flat) and rescue Vivian from a life of poverty. This is what she expressed her childhood dream as being. However, the two personal journeys of Edward and Vivian leave a more significant impact on the viewer. Edwards journey began with his father leaving him for another woman, and giving Edward a sense of rage whose only outlet is his business. This anger fuels his life, and indirectly leaves him a very rich man. Although Edwards business life is very successful, his personal life is a shambles. Edward has a fear of commitment. His journey in this film helps him let his guard down with Vivian, and he begins to overcome his fears. This personal growth leads him to a change of business strategies, resulting in a sense of closure regarding the old man hes trying to buy out of business. This old man represents what Edwards relationship with his father could have been, and when Edward changes tactics and decides to join forces with the old man, the man expresses the pride he feels, and Edward feels the anger begin to fade. Vivians journey takes her from poverty to riches, but she too has closed herself off emotionally. This closure is necessary for many professions, including prostitution, but its apparent from the beginning of this film that Edward isnt an ordinary client. Vivians journey leads her from a dead end job to the probability of furthering her education and looking towards a brighter future. Edward does more for Vivian than buy her things; he shows her that she is somebody special, and he gives her back her sense of the worth. The journeys of Edward and Vivian lead them to the end of the film, where they have resolved their internal conflicts and are free to love one another. Both characters in the film are pursuing their quest for their dreams. Edward had his but had to sacrifice his emotions to get it, and now with guidance from Vivian has is starting to restore them. Whereas Vivian had nothing and because of Edward has been able to live her dream and is still the same emotional person she was at the start of the film although the week has made her look at certain things through a different perspective.

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