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Pre-sentence Reports - 1650 Words

While looking at research done in Scotland and Canada, Pre-sentence reports (PSR), which are noted as Social Enquiry Reports within Scotland, are considered to be a key and influential aspect within their Criminal Justice System and the decision process on the subject of sentencing a custodial or non-custodial sentencing. While the idea of PSR’s are simple, to provide the court with personal information about the offender, such as circumstances that proved to be such a challenge, that he or she had abnormally excelled and expressed the ability to change for the better, and or have demonstrated that they have had a faulty character that could proveproves that a harsher sentencing is appropriate, or any other relevant information that the†¦show more content†¦The reason to this being a problem is because defence solicitors are under time restraints and therefore may not be able to get all the valid points of the report due to editing (Tata et all, 2008). Fourthly, the s tyle of the report to include the judges standards of being suitable to the sentencing and the National Sstandards of a PSR remain impartial to the offender and these two standards constraints the CJSW from expressing themselves (Tata et all., 2008). Finally, judges at times feel that CJSW do notn’t challenge the narrative enough and test the offenders story for it to even be considered (Tata et all., 2008). The CJSW documentation expresses situations where discrepancies were noted through reports, therefore destroying its credibility (Tata et all., 2008). For CJSW, striving to find a realistic sentence for an offender in the eyes of a judge is a difficult task, which can often, if quality of PSR is not up to the judges’ liking, effects the judges’ his or hers decision and therefore have an alternative effect on the offender (Tata et all., 2008). To further demonstrate the results of the realism of a PSR, a judge (Westword Sheriff 7 (ii)) states that â€Å"†¦ if the report’s unrealistic†¦ I think it does diminish the quality of the report. It diminishes the validity and the value of the report, if you’re getting such an unrealistic suggestion†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (Tata et all., 2008 p 841).Show MoreRelatedPretrial Release and Diversion Programs918 Words   |  4 Pagesof being a criminal will improve the juveniles life chances. Sentencing and Pre-sentencing Sentencing and pre-sentencing are important steps in a defendants trial. The sentence is a defendants punishment. It comes at the conclusion of a defendants trial. Criminal sentences have generally been focused on imprisonment, but criminal sentences can include things outside of prison sentences. For example, sentences can include restitution, probation or parole, community service, counseling, orRead MoreCriminal Justice Process for a Felony1790 Words   |  7 Pagesby law are; pre-arrest, arrest, initial court appearance, grand jury, preliminary hearing, arraignment, plea bargaining, trial, sentencing, appealing and the last is corrections or incarceration. The justice process is so detailed and strongly profound within the law. Some procedures are modified by the local courts. For instance, a case through the Michigans justice system progresses as follows. After the police are notified of the crime that has been committed, that is when the pre arrest stageRead MoreThe International Federation For Human Rights930 Words   |  4 Pageshuman rights – civil, political, economic, social and cultural – as stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (â€Å"FIDH Annual Report 2014†, n.d.). They seek to accomplish this mission with three strategic pillars of action: securing the freedom and capacity to act for human rights defenders, the universality of rights, and their effectiveness (â€Å"FIDH Annual Report 2014†, n.d.). The organization relies on a vast network of volunteers and local actors to help accomplish their mission. Founded inRead MoreThere Are Many Social And Health Needs Of Prisoners, Some133 2 Words   |  6 Pagesthan 85,500 people, a quarter of them were serving a sentence that ranged between 1 and 4 years, whilst people on recall and serving a sentence of 1 year or less made up a total of 8% (Parliament. House of Commons, 2017). This has been highlighted as this paper will concentrate on short stay sentences within the prison environment as opposed to determinate or indeterminate sentences which make up the rest of the prison population. The Bradley Report stated that the care people need may not always beRead MoreEvaluation Of A Student s Phonic Skills Essay1130 Words   |  5 Pagesattends Poplar Hill Elementary School (pseudonym). Max is seven-years-old, and has attended Poplar Hill Elementary School since Pre-Kindergarten. He receives speech therapy services once a week since first grade, and is missing his front bottom teeth. He performs on a beginning reader (BR) reading level, and a below grade level for mathematics according to his student progress report. Word Study Letter Name Assessment Description of Assessment The purpose of this assessment is to evaluate a student’sRead MoreRussian Stock Market Analysis813 Words   |  4 PagesIn the screening process, the samples need to be sorted by rankings, and if there is no chairman’s statement shown in a one enterprise, it will be filtered directly and then jump to the next firm until all the profitable Russian companies with the report of the chairman are selected out. After investigation, it is found that all five Russian companies on the list are in line with the requirements of the sample: they are Lukoil, Rosneft Oil, Sberbankï ¼Å' VTB Bank and Surgutneftegas. Another group alsoRead MoreProbation and Punishment Essay674 Words   |  3 Pagesdeals with pre-sentence reports, and is specifically designed to help prepare you for your interview with the probation officer. It is designed to help you get fair treatment by the judicial system at this, one of the most important hearings in your case. As in the previous examples, the pr obation officer acts as the judges investigator as the courts advisor. The probation officer performs the investigation, prepares a report, and makes a recommendation to the judge as to what sentence you shouldRead MoreThe Government And Its Effects On The Minority Report By Philip K. Dick1399 Words   |  6 Pagesdystopic stories and novels, and as these stories start to unfold, one can see the flaws in which how government works and how if effects the rest of society. In the Minority Report, written by Philip K. Dick, the mechanisms of the government’s systems begins to show different flaws when surveillance is use to determine the pre-crime of major crimes, and what happens to their citizens once a verdict is reached. Any type of Government surveillance can do more harm than good, due to the fact they invadeRead MorePre Sentence Investigation ( Psi )832 Words   |  4 PagesPre-Sentence Investigation (PSI) are done in criminal cases and used to assist the Court in gettin g a clear picture of the defendant as possible so there can be a fair sentencing hearing. As the probation officer assigned to the offender s case the PSI will be used to make an initial assessment of needs and risks. Pursuant to Rule 32 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure the PSI Report should contain the following: (A) identify all applicable guidelines and policy statements of the SentencingRead MoreA Brief Note On Forensic And, And Medical Examiners1628 Words   |  7 Pagesilluminating the remains is the silver light of the moon. How did the body end up there? How long has it been there? How did this person die? One person, a forensic pathologist, can answer all of these bone-crushing questions. B. Necessary sentences / transition sentences / information/ Definition (1-3) (Citation) 1. â€Å"Forensic pathologists, or medical examiners, are specially trained physicians who examine the bodies of people who died suddenly, unexpectedly or violently† (â€Å"Forensic Pathologist†). 2.

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